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Nov 23 13 7:01 AM

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This afternoon's programme-piece to follow...

Please read. It's better than kicking the cat.
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Nov 23 13 7:04 AM

Sandbach Hatter writes:

Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to EP for this afternoon’s fixture against North Ferriby - my favourite of all the Ferribies.

First off, I’d like to congratulate Gazza for winning the latest limerick competition (arguably due to the fact I never got around to entering it myself) and Bringbacklenwhite for snatching glory in my quiz. Speaking of which, there’s still time to sign up to County Heaven and join in the latest round that combines Premier League players, 5-a-side football and Christmas. What’s not to like?!

Elsewhere, the Prediction League is currently tighter than an otter’s pocket with only three points separating first from tenth (at the time of going to press), and were it not for a truly woeful performance from Big Fudge there would only be six points separating top from bottom!

Grand Designs has been taking something of a battering again in our ‘Irrational Dislikes’ thread (courtesy of a relentless Oshorwilliamsrightpeg), as has old purple nose’s book in our General Football section. According to Sir Roger, when you get to the end there are five pages added on!

Lastly, speaking of books, when purchasing Phil Brennan’s The Man from Uruguay and Rodger Wylde’s The Wild Man of Football for your loved ones this Christmas, don’t forget to add C.H.A.O.S. to the list as we’re down to our last few copies. Available from all good County-based club shops, or via yours truly at [email protected] A collector’s item the whole family will enjoy!

Over to you, Maccy. Was your trip to Barrow wheel-y good?

Hatter in Macc writes:

Sure was, Sandy. Although I must confess to have felt a little tyre-d afterwards!

It is rather a good job – whether borne out of superstition or for some other reason – that Downunder Hatter sees fit never to include County’s matches among those whose results we Heaveners have to guess in the Prediction League. Certainly, on the basis of our last two Skrill North fixtures, many of us are at a loss to do anything than expect the unexpected!

If the comprehensive, high-quality demolition of fancied Telford on the first Saturday in November took even the most optimistic of us a little by surprise, the outcome of our trip to rain-drenched Oxford a week later was, to put it mildly, equally shocking – albeit for all the wrong reasons. So, what may happen this afternoon is anyone’s guess!

The ‘Villagers’, who visit SK3 today, will be sure to make things far from easy. Indeed, they are not looking a bad bet for back-to-back promotions, having come up as last term’s Evo-Stick Premier Champions. Like County, North Ferriby hosted an FA Trophy replay on Tuesday night, but, in the event, had rather a better time of it – hitting four past Stourbridge – than we did – crashing out by the odd goal in five to Barrow. Thus, our visitors will now return to these parts and take on Hyde, while we, alas, are left to kick our heels, a week hence. Turning our thoughts back to today, let’s hope that they have at least worn themselves out just a tad in the process!

Enjoy the game.

Animo et Fide.

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