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Nov 24 13 8:27 PM

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Defender - Clue 1

I have only played for one English team
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#5 [url]

Nov 29 13 9:26 PM

That's right! It's Nemanja Vidic.

Nice tough clues this week which led to most of you scoring just the solitary point. I say most of you, as Maccy managed to bag it at the first time of asking for the maximum 5, closely followed by Sir Rog on Tuesday for 4 so that sets them apart from the pack and gives them a nice lead as we enter into week 3. Here's the table:

1.     Hatter in Macc                         9
2.     Sir Roger                                 8
3=    Archie                                      6
        BBLW                                      6
5.     Market Harborough                 5
6=    Captain Beefheart                   4
        Down Under                            4
        Gazza                                      4
9.     County Benno                          2

Remember, there's a long way to go and the Christmas present bonus could make all the difference. All things being well, this will be my last quiz posting on the Yuku forum and Week 3 will start afresh on the shiny new County Heaven! See you on the other side chaps and chapesses. In case we don't all make it, it's been a pleasure quizzing with you.

Yuku Sandy signing off.

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#6 [url]

Nov 29 13 10:01 PM

Excellent quizzing all, especially Macca. Cheers sandy, hope we all make it across the divide.

Sounds like a few bonus points may have been snaffled already ?



Danny's Boy

Posts: 11,488

#8 [url]

Nov 29 13 10:48 PM

Re: Quiz No.59 - Week 2

In my defence (iiiiiintended) I've been busy with a very important project this week. That's my excuse anyway! Well done to maccy, are you Columbo?!

Oh, just one more thing.........nahhh not really : P

Cheers as always, Sandy!

#10 [url]

Nov 29 13 11:42 PM

sandbachhatterThey're not bonus points, they're Christmas presents.


Whatever !!! Ambassador, you spoil us !!

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